Don't Worry Be Happy License Plate Frame

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Why Buy From Us

eLicensePlateFrames allows you to design your very own custom license plate frame! Choose from a huge selection of automobile and motorcycle frame designs in a variety of materials, including plastic, chrome, stainless steel and die-cast zinc. We offer wholesale prices on bulk quantities. Create your custom frame today!

Don't Worry Be Happy License Plate Frame

Make someone smile on their morning commute with the Don't Worry Be Happy License Plate Frame. Adjust the font, colors, and text using our online design tool to make this funny frame perfect for you and your vehicle. This customizable frame is easy to install and is made from durable, sturdy plastic that will not rust.

The frame fits most 6” x 12” standard auto license plates. Custom lettering is made with vinyl decals. We recommend checking your local laws to ensure that the style of the Don't Worry Be Happy License Plate Frame is legal in your state. Some states have special laws that may limit what parts of the plate can be covered or obscured by a license plate frame.

Don't Worry Be Happy License Plate Frame